We provide a one-stop shop for all your financial needs.

We combine the expertise of qualified mortgage advisers and financial planners to support all of our clients from the cradle to the grave. Below is an overview of all of the different areas that we can advise on, but for more detail on how we can meet your needs, please visit the ‘About you’ page.


Whether you’re saving for school fees, a trip of a lifetime, or simply investing for your future, we can advise on a range of investments to meet your needs. We’ll make sure that you’re comfortable with the level of risk and that they are in line with your goals. For details of how we can advise on your investments at different stages of your life, please contact us.

Specialist investments

In addition to more traditional forms of investing with investment portfolios, we can also advise on specialist investment vehicles such as Enterprise Investment Schemes (EIS) and Venture Capital Trusts (VCTs). These are often effective ways of tax planning but are only suitable in certain circumstances. We can advise you on whether these specialist investments are suitable for your needs. For details of how we can assist with your specialist investments, please contact us.


With access to the whole market of mortgage providers, we’ll advise on the best mortgage for your requirements, including first-time buyer mortgages, re-mortgages and Buy to Let. For more information, please visit the ‘Homebuyers’ page.

Retirement planning

Whether you’re approaching retirement, or some way off it, we’ll help you to structure your finances so that you can achieve the retirement you want to have. For more information, please visit our ‘Approaching retirement‘ page.


A key part of your retirement planning is your pension ‘pot’ whether it’s one pension or several. We can evaluate whether your pensions are invested in the most suitable ways to meet your needs. We can also ensure that you are maximising the tax relief available on your pensions. For details of how we can help you to maximise your pensions as part of your retirement planning, see our ‘Approaching retirement‘ page.

Estate planning

We can help you to pass your wealth on through the generations. Using Inheritance Tax Planning (IHT) and utilising various types of trusts, we’ll make sure your loved ones only pay as much tax as necessary. We’re happy to work with your entire family so that everyone can benefit. For details of how we can assist with your estate planning, please contact us.


Whilst no-one likes to think about it, most people want to know that their family will be financially secure, should the worst happen. We’ll help you to find the right insurance to meet your needs and give you peace of mind. For details of how we can assist with your protection needs, please contact us.

Specialist services

Along with the services that you would expect from an all-round financial services firm, we have a number of specialist services which you may not find elsewhere.

Defined Benefit Pension Transfers

This is an important area of advice which is regularly in the headlines. We hold the Pension Transfer Gold Standard, awarded by the Personal Finance Society. This means that we have the relevant qualifications and ethical standards required to advise on whether or not to transfer out of a Final Salary/Defined Benefit pension scheme and action your decision. For more information on the Pension Transfer Gold Standard, please visit our ‘Awards‘ page.

Later life planning

We help clients who are in retirement to make plans for their later life. This may involve advice such as care fee planning, equity release and estate planning to ensure they have plans in place for when they’re elderly. Importantly, we can advise on the most tax-efficient ways to pass on their wealth with effective estate planning. For details of how we can assist with your later life planning, please contact us.

Equity Release

Our advisers have the relevant qualifications and experience to advise on all forms of borrowing in retirement. For clients who wish to release capital from their home to make home improvements or to help family members financially, we can advise on the best course to take. For details of how we can assist with your borrowing in retirement, please contact us.

Corporate services

As well as advising clients on their personal finances, we can help them with their business finances too. We advise on commercial mortgages, corporate protection such as Key Man insurance, and buying commercial property via personal pensions for example with a Small Self Administered Scheme (SSAS). For more information, please visit our ‘Business owners’ page.

Initially, I approached Paul for help with a mortgage, but we're now looking at where to best place my savings and my future planning for retirement. I've received sound and elaborate advice.

David Beugelsdijk


Client since 11/02/2016

Paul has always worked hard to research the full market to find the right mortgage deal for me. Paul is not affiliated to any lenders so I always get the most competitive rates available. I receive completely impartial financial advice which is tailored to my personal needs.

Alan Shrubsole


Client since 14/06/2013

Paul explained everything very clearly and took the time to find out about my financial history so he could better understand what would be the best option for me.

Diane Daniels


Client since 24/07/2019

Paul was recommended to us to help with Inheritance Tax planning. The service exceeded our expectations and we have been pleased with the outcome.

Carole Pettipher


Client since 20/09/2019

Paul was very honest and open and made sure that I understood every step. There's nothing that he could have done better.

Sarah Simpson


Client since

Fingerprint Financial deal with our pensions, insurances, mortgages, long-term planning and Inheritance Tax planning. Paul's experience and knowledge in all these areas has been invaluable in ensuring our financial outcome and future is secure, planned and constantly managed.

Simon Yiakoumi


Client since

Shane, Helen and the entire team at Fingerprint was and have always been very helpful, honest, fair and kind. Thank you so much for helping me!

Whitney Henry


Client since 30/08/2018

After some time worrying about my pension, Fingerprint Financial Planning has located pensions I would never have found. I'm very happy with the good service and would recommend to friends and family.

Stephen & Louise Johnson


Clients since 01/08/2019

Absolutely fantastic service. The staff are amazing, friendly but very professional and quick to respond to any questions. We would thoroughly recommend Fingerprint to anyone requiring financial advice.

Diane & Trevor Daniels


Clients since 24/07/2019

Excellent service. This isn't just a mortgage broker or a financial and wealth planner, this is a full service financial advisory service. The staff are friendly, efficient and work at pace. In today's world of ticking boxes and scripted replies, it's refreshing to get a personal touch.

Duane Bridger


Client since 14/03/2019

Highly recommended. Professional, friendly people who are very knowledgeable and helpful. They put your mind at ease because they know their stuff.

Karen Watson


Client since 01/05/2019

Fantastic service, very professional, informative and probably the best service I have received in this field. Good people, ethical and would certainly recommend them as a business to anyone!

Ali Baghdadchi


Client since 01/05/2019

Truly friendly, professional, dedicated to one's strategy.

Ml Mena


Client since 09/11/2018

Very clear and concise, every step of the way when dealing with our remortgage requirements. Big thank you especially to Paul, and to Harriet. Highly recommended.

Luke & Jess Armour


Clients since 10/07/2019

I have used Fingerprint Financial Planning a couple of times now to set up a new mortgage or to remortgage for a better deal. On every occasion, they have been professional and accommodating, and importantly carry out the donkey work of looking for the best deals on the market - all for a reasonable one-off fee. Highly recommended!

Matthew & Anna Southwood

East Grinstead

Clients since 02/10/2018

From start to finish the guys at Fingerprint Financial were incredible! They ensured my mortgage went through smoothly and continued with their professional support right up until I was settled in my new home. Responsive customer service from Victoria, who I highly recommend to all my friends and family and will continue to use in the future myself.

Sarah Coe


Client since

I received a very good service from Fingerprint Financial Planning and would recommend them to anyone.

Dave Hodson


Client since 24/07/2019

Exceptional service once again, quick, efficient and smooth service as always.

Grant & Gemma Edwards


Clients since 05/09/2019

I have been using Fingerprint Financial Planning for four years now. The team are extremely helpful and friendly and I would highly recommend them.

Daisy Barr


Client since 09/11/2016

I cannot praise this company enough. Especially, Shane Brockwell - he is my hero! At a time when there was so much stress in my household, Shane arrived, calmed me down, almost immediately saved me £230 a month on my mortgage payments and has found a far better product for when I am ready to buy our new house. Thank you, Shane and Co. You rock!!!

Sarah Palmer


Client since 17/11/2019

Shane and the team are very knowledgeable and efficient, managing to find me a mortgage on a property that had its complications. I was very happy with the professional service and would absolutely use them again. Recommended!

Isabel Pritchard


Client since 19/07/2019

I am a landlord with four properties as well as my own home and have used Fingerprint Financial Planning for all my mortgage needs for over 10 years. They are knowledgeable, efficient and incredibly supportive. I would certainly recommend them.

Noel Vengan


Client since 17/06/2009

I thought I was fairly money savvy, but after speaking with the small, really friendly non-judgemental team, they gave me other options I had not thought about. Fingerprint Financial Planning's advice has put me in a great place. With very important financial decisions small or large you can trust Fingerprint for the very best advice and service.

Peter Jones


Client since 31/05/2019

Friendly and competent staff. Fingerprint Financial Planning treats you as a valuable customer. A pleasure to work with this company. Always available on the other side of the line. Regular feedback. I can highly recommend Fingerprint.

Suzette Datema


Client since 02/05/2018

A great service that I have used a few times, and I can't recommend highly enough. Always someone who is happy to answer your calls and help you. They also get back to you in a timely manner...a refreshing approach to business.

James Hollands


Clients since 02/04/2019

Right from the beginning to the very end, Shane and his team have been very helpful. Giving me the best advice and looking for a suitable mortgage deal. Many thanks, guys!

Tony Ejoh


Client since 02/08/2019

Great team and very helpful. Made the process of buying our house a lot easier.

Rebecca Zacharow


Client since 17/04/2018

An absolutely outstanding company. I got introduced by a friend years ago now and I have been using them ever since. The team in the office are all very polite and helpful, nothing is too much trouble. If you’ve not used Fingerprint Financial Planning yet, it’s time you did!

Gary Macey


Client since 15/07/2015

They go out of their way to help and make you feel valued.

Amy Singh


Client since 09/07/2017

Excellent service; highly, highly recommend this company.

Lisa Cole

Client since 22/02/2018

We have been working with Shane at Fingerprint for the last three or so years. Our needs have not been straightforward but Shane has been there 100% for us, organising the best mortgage deal and brilliant life insurance cover. We couldn't recommend him and Fingerprint Financial Planning enough - thank you!

Sharon Henry


Client since 19/07/2019

Highly recommended, friendly and very personal service. Thank you!

Cody Squire


Client since 02/01/2018

I would most definitely recommend this company to anyone wanting financial advice or mortgages, as the deals they can get are much better than you could find independently... Thank you so much again for all of your help and advice.

Paula Smallwood


Client since 28/03/2019

Absolutely fantastic; very, very high standard of customer service; exceptional knowledge; very friendly and easy to talk to an adviser. I would recommend them to anyone; Fingerprint, you have gained our trust and loyalty. Thank you.

Kat Nowak


Client since 10/01/2019

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